Mediaeval German Studies

Presented to Frederick Norman
Edited by A. T. Hatto and Maurice O'C. Walshe
1 January 1973
220 × 140 mm
312 pp
Hardback: 978-0-85457-057-7

This volume comprises the essays written in honour of Frederick Norman, Professor of German at King's College London and Honorary Director of the Institute of Germanic Studies from 1956 until 1965, on the occasion of his retirement by his students, colleagues and friends.

Table of contents: 
F.P. Pickering: Notes on Fate and Fortune (for Germanisten)
G.T. Gillespie: The Significance of Personal Names in German Heroic Poetry
K. Ostberg: Belue = Uuolf
Rosemary Combridge: Aequitas and Iustitia in Mediaeval German Psalters
Werner Betz: Zur Zahlensymbolik im Aufbau des Annoliedes
P.F. Ganz: On the Unity of the Middle High German Lob Salomons
W. Schwarz: Notes on Formulaic Expressions in Middle High German Poetry
Peter Wapnewski: Reinmars Rechtfertigung zu MF 196,35 und 165,10
K.C. King: The Mother’s Guilt in Hartmann’s Gregorius
A.T. Hatto: ‘Der Aventiure Meine' in Hartmann’s Iwein
Marianne Wynn: Hagen’s Defiance of Kriemhilt
Kenneth J. Northcott: Actions and Reputations in the Nibelungenlied
P.B. Salmon: The Nibelungenlied in Mediaeval Dutch
Jean Fourquet: La Composition des Livres III à VI du Parzival
C.J. Lofmark: Name Lists in Parzival
Wolfgang Mohr: Zu den epischen Hintergründen in Wolframs Parzival
Sidney M. Johnson: Wolfram’s Longinus
Rainer Gruenter: ‘Daz ergest und daz beste'. Zu Gotfrids Tristan und Isold vv. 11645 – 13096
Margaret F. Richey: Rit ze hove, Dietrich…
M.O’C. Walshe:  Heinrich von dem Türlin, Chrétien and Wolfram
Th. Frings and Elisabeth Linke: Rätselraten um den Karlmeinet
Hans Neumann: Mechthild von Magdeburg und die mittelniederländische Frauenmystik
Herbert Thomas: John of Neumarkt and Heinrich Frauenlob
D. Dalby: Two Middle Franconian Hunting Allegories
E.J. Morrall: Oswald von Wolkenstein and Mandeville’s Travels
R.J. Taylor: Ergo Bibamus! Asurge Bimbo! Or the Early History of the Vine in the Rhine Palatinate
Leonard Forster: From the Schwabenspiegel to Pfefferkorn: A Study in Makulatur
Publications by F. Norman | Includes 1 plate