London German Studies XIV: The Reception of Classical Antiquity in German Literature

In Memory of Marianne Wynn
Edited by Anne Simon and Katie Fleming
1 August 2013
244 × 170 mm
210 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-239-7
This volume, based on a series of lectures co-organised by the Institute of Classical Studies and the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies in 2011 und 2012, examines the enduring relevance of Classical material, its openness to multi-layered readings and its use to express contemporary concerns, in other words, its re-presentation, or making present, in German literature. The essays in this volume, which range from the Middle Ages to the present and deal with genres as diverse as poetry and comic books, epigrams and novels, signal that one reason for the enduring relevance of Classical myth lies in its fluidity: its canonicity lends authority but is supple enough to allow adaptation to forms that speak most potently to a given age or audience. These changing cultural contexts help shape the new works of art that mutate out of the old, inviting ‘readers to think more deeply about how to shape society in such a way that culture on a higher level can accommodate and enhance human nature’
Table of contents: 

Anne Simon and Katie Fleming: Introduction
Wolfgang Harms: The Recollection and Metamorphosis of Antiquity in German Literature of the High and Late Middle Ages
Nigel Harris: Monsters, Pictures and Translations. Some Observations on the Reception of Virgil in the Sixteenth Century
T.J. Reed: Replacing Ancient Gods. Weimar Classicism and After
Charlie Louth: Hölderlin’s Augury: Birds and Bird-Flight in his Ancient Modern World
Ricarda Schmidt: Kleist and the Dark Side of Antiquity: Reading Euripides in Modern Times
Heike Bartel: The Black Medeas of Paul Heyse and Hans Henny Jahnn in the Context of German Colonialism and Weimar Racial Policies
Martin Vöhler: Correcting Ancient Myths. Brecht’s Approach to Antiquity
Manuel Baumbach: Leonidas and the Reception of the Persian War in German Post-War Literature