London German Studies XIII: From Charlottenburg to Middleton

Michael Hamburger (1924-2007): Poet, Translator, Critic
Edited by Joyce Crick, Martin Liebscher, and Martin Swales
1 January 2010
229 × 152 mm
349 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-224-3

Derived from a symposium at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies in Michael Hamburger’s memory, this volume explores his poetry and creative prose, his translations, the ‘person’ and his world. His scholarly writing was one element in his work, his jargon-free criticism retaining an undiminished urgency, freshness and vital literacy. His poetry ranges itself against the tracks and mechanisms of monstrous order, and seeks to mark out a territory where some kind of value can be disclosed, both within and beyond the poetry. As a translator, Hamburger asks the reader to hear between the lines of English poetry the German text, the text that stretches the length and changes the rhythm of the English sentence. These essays take the reader to the heartland of Hamburger’s life and work, and look at two very different attempts to capture his world on film. The volume is illustrated by stills from Frank Wierke’s acclaimed documentary Ein englischer Dichter aus Deutschland (2007).

Table of contents: 

Martin Swales, Martin Liebscher and Joyce Crick: Reading between the Lines. On Michael Hamburger
Joyce Crick: Michael Hamburger: Ownerless Earth
Karen Leeder: ‘In his own time’: Michael Hamburger’s Lateness
Katrin Kohl: Michael Hamburger as a Translator of German Poetry
Rüdiger Görner: Poetry and the Aesthetics of Translation. On One Aspect of Michael Hamburger’s Poetics
Iain Galbraith: Michael Hamburger’s ‘Chandos Moment’? Reflections on the ‘Niemandsland-Variationen’
Will Stone: Unpicked Apples - Memories of Michael Hamburger
Andrew Webber: Visiting Michael Hamburger on Film
Frank Wierke: Michael Hamburger - ein englischer Dichter aus Deutschland (Michael Hamburger - an English Poet from Germany)
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