London and beyond: Essays in honour of Derek Keene

Edited by Matthew Davies and James A. Galloway
28 August 2012
234 × 156 × 22 mm
392 pp
Hardback: 978-1-905165-70-4
PDF: 978-1-909646-44-5
This fascinating new volume brings together seventeen authors from across disciplines to offer a detailed and comprehensive history of the European city. Dedicated to the late Derek Keene (1942-2021), the forefather of urban history, this book helps us better understand the development, role and allure of the metropolis throughout history, from medieval times to the 20th century. The chapters offered posit the city as a centre for innovation and political might juxtaposed against a sprawling, diverse community in constant flux. Therein we visit the high and lows of city dwelling, from the migrant population and London poor, to the judges and continental merchants trading in ‘exotic’ goods. “An exemplary volume” (Urban History), this is not one to be missed.
'One of the pioneer volumes in the handsomely produced new Institute of Historical Research Conference series, this book serves as a fitting tribute to one of the most influential urban historians of our time.' - Ian Archer, Urban History, May 2013.
Table of contents: 
1. Feeding another city: provisioning Dublin in the later middle ages
Margaret Murphy

2. Did peasants need markets and towns? The experience of late medieval England
Christopher Dyer

3. The proliferation of markets revisited
Richard Britnell

4. ‘Tempests of weather and great abundance of water’: the flooding of the Barking marshes in the later middle ages
James A. Galloway

5. A taste for the Orient? Cosmopolitan demand for ‘exotic’ durable consumables in late medieval Bruges
Peter Stabel

6. Hartlib’s world
Rob Ilie

7. Hiding in the forest … The Gilberts’ rural scientific instrument manufactory
Anita McConnell

8. Houses and households in Cheapside, c.Œ1500-1550
Vanessa Harding

9. ‘The poore lost a good Frend and the parish a good Neighbour’: the lives of the poor and their supporters in London’s eastern suburb, c.1583-c.1679
Philip Baker and Mark Merry

10. Between sea and city: portable communities in late medieval London and Bruges
Erik Spindler

11. The kindness of strangers: charitable giving in the community of the Dutch Church, Austin Friars, in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Catherine Wright

12. Londoners and the court of common pleas in the fifteenth century
Matthew Frank Stevens

A bibliography of the published writings of Derek Keene