Les Amours

Étienne Jodelle, edited by Richard Griffiths, and introduction by Richard Griffiths
1 January 1994
229 × 152 mm
130 pp
Paperback: 978-1-899042-03-6
Jodelle's startling originality as a lyric poet has only been recognised recently. His reputation in this century has mainly depended on his play Cléopâtre, the first regular tragedy based upon the Classical model to be performed in French. But while his lyric poetry was much appreciated by contemporaries, he was dismissed by intervening generations of critics, who, searching for norms, mistook his originality and vigour for amateurishness and incapability. This edition of the Amours, which were first printed in 1574, after Jodelle's death, is the first modern edition to produce the complete collection in the order originally printed. Richard Griffiths shows that, within the sonnets, this order reflects a structure of well-organized suites, with a coherent shape of their own, a structure which helps to reveal both meaning and artistic intelligence. Thie edition also contains the collection of seven Contr'amours, closely related to the Amours and printed immediately after them in the first edition.