The Legacy of Empire

A Transcript of the Proceedings of the Seminar held on 20 May 2013
1 January 2014
210 × 148 mm
103 pp
Paperback: 978-0-9575210-7-0
This is the record of the fifth of the series of Witness Seminars held by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in conjunction with the Overseas Service Pensioners’ Association. The seminars were designed to give OSPA members and other interested people an opportunity to share with an academic and non-academic audience their views and experiences on topics relating to the end of the colonial period and the early stages of independence (the ‘End of Empire’) thus contributing to the overall Colonial Service historical record. This fifth seminar differed from the four earlier ones in that the “witnesses” were not former British colonial officers but were people from the former dependent territories who experienced the change from colonial rule to independence.