Heinrich Böll on Page and Screen

The London Symposium
Edited by Lothar Huber and Robert C. Conard
1 January 1997
229 × 152 mm
199 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-187-1

Heinrich Böll on Page and Screen makes available the papers given at the symposium held at the Institute of Germanic Studies and the Goethe Institute, London, in December 1995, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Böll's death. The articles present new critical perspectives on a writer who is now generally accepted as one of the most important literary figures in Germany during the second half of the twentieth century, and some essays pay particular attention to the hitherto neglected area of Böll's contribution to radio and film, examining the work of a number of renowned directors who have translated his scenarios and characters into the language of the popular mass media.

Table of contents: 
Lothar Huber: Introduction
Michael Butler: 'Wir wollen abschwören allem Irrsinn vergangener Jahre ...': The Early Letters of Heinrich Böll
John J. White: War, Dissidence and Protest in Böll's Early Fiction
J.H. Reid: From 'Bekenntnis zur Trümmerliteratur' to Frauen vor Flußlandschaft: Art, Power and the Aesthetics of Ruins
Frank Finlay: 'Sprachwiderstand': Critical Language Analysis in Böll's Writings of the 1980s
Robert C. Conard: Symbolism and the Continuity Theory in Heinrich Böll's Novel Billard um Halbzehn
Ruth Vogel: Anmerkungen zu den Manuskripten von Ansichten eines Clowns
Stuart Parkes: Böll and Terrorism
Lothar Huber: Satire, Ideology, Myth: Some Notes towards an Interpretation of Heinrich Böll's Novel Fürsorgliche Belagerung
Owen Evans: 'Für mich ist er früh schon wichtig gewesen': How Heinrich Böll gave Günther de Bruyn a Helping Hand
John Walker: 'Experiment und Entdeckung': The Relevance of Drama to Böll's Literary Development
Manfred Durzak: Bölls filmische Metamorphosen. Am Beispiel von Das Brot der frühen Jahre und Ansichten eines Clowns
Richard Falcon: The Obscure Object of Redemption or 'Reality' in Two Adaptations of Heinrich Böll
Helen Hughes: Heinrich Böll's Contribution to the Film Deutschland im Herbst
Martin Brady: 'Aber warum verfilmt er dann Bröll?': Straub/Huillet's Adaptation of Böll's 'Hauptstädtisches Journal'