Gender and Historiography: Studies in the earlier middle ages in honour of Pauline Stafford

Janet L. Nelson, Susan Reynolds, and Susan M. Johns
2 September 2012
245 × 163 mm
228 pp
Hardback: 978-1-905165-79-7
PDF: 978-1-909646-46-9
The chapters in this volume celebrate the work of Pauline Stafford, highlighting the ways in which it has advanced research in the fields of both Anglo-Saxon history and the history of medieval women and gender. Ranging across the period, and over much of the old Carolingian world as well as Anglo-Saxon England, they deal with such questions as the nature of kingship and queenship, fatherhood, elite gender relations, the transmission of property, the participation of women in lordship, slavery and warfare, and the nature of assemblies. Gender and historiography presents the fruits of groundbreaking research, inspired by Pauline Stafford’s own interests over a long and influential career.
Table of contents: 

1. Fatherhood in late Lombard Italy
Ross Balzaretti

2. Anger, emotion and a biography of William the Conqueror
David Bates

3. ‘Anglo-Saxon Chronicle(s)’ or ‘Old English Royal Annals’?
Nicholas Brooks

4. The tale of Queen Ælfthryth in William of Malmesbury’s 'Gesta Regum Anglorum'
Kirsten A. Fenton

5. Women, children and the profits of war
John Gillingham
6. Charters, ritual and late tenth-century English kingship
Charles Insley

7. Nest of Deheubarth: reading female power in the historiography of Wales
Susan M. Johns

8. Carolingian rulers and marriage in the age of Louis the Pious and his sons
Sylvie Joye
9. The cult of King Edward the Martyr during the reign of King Æthelred the Unready
Simon Keynes

10. 'Consors regni': a problem of gender? The consortium between Amalasuntha and Theodahad in 534
Cristina La Rocca

11. ‘Public’ aspects of lordly women’s domestic activities in France, c.1050–1200
Kimberly A. LoPrete

12. Property rights in Anglo-Saxon wills: a synoptic view
Julie Mumby

13. ‘Hunnish scenes’/Frankish scenes: a case of history that stands still?
Janet L. Nelson

14. Assembly government and assembly law
Susan Reynolds

15. Professor Pauline Stafford’s publications in chronological order, excluding reviews