European Religious Cultures

Essays offered to Christopher Brooke on the occasion of his eightieth birthday
Edited by Miri Rubin
3 July 2020
156 × 234 mm
168 pp
PDF: 978-1-912702-70-1
Paperback: 978-1-912702-71-8
European Religious Cultures is a set of stimulating essays first written as offerings for Christopher Brooke on his eightieth birthday. They are now gathered for the enjoyment of all those interested in the history of religious cultures. They address a variety of practices in religious life -- among them pilgrimage and the urban cult of saints, the monastic performance of liturgy, the choice to enter the priesthood -- and situate them within the life-cycles and social relations of medieval Europeans. The authors have been inspired by Christopher Brooke's own interests over a long and fruitful career.

First published in 2008, European Religious Cultures is now reissued as an Open Access edition with a new introduction by Professor Miri Rubin.
Table of contents: 

I. The study of religious cultures

  • Giles Constable, 'From church history to religious culture: the study of medieval religious life and spirituality'
  • Paul Binski, 'Medieval history and generic expansiveness: some thoughts from near Stratford-on-Avon'

II. Life-cycle and vocation

  • Janet L. Nelson, 'Ninth-century vocations of persons of mature years'
  • Virginia Davis, 'William Wykeham's early ecclesiastical career'

III. Performance and ritual

  • William J. Purkis, 'Religious symbols and practices: monastic spirituality, pilgrimage and crusade'
  • Susan Boynton, '"The Devil made me do it": demonic intervention in the medieval monastic liturgy
  • John H. Arnold, 'Inside and outside the medieval laity: some reflections on the history of emotions'
  • Caroline Barron, '"The whole company of Heaven": the saints of London'

Epilogue, Christopher Brooke