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Institute of Modern Languages Research


Presented to Roy Pascal on the occasion of his 65th birthday, the essays collected in this volume reflect both the Institute of Germanic Studies's concern to investigate not only literature, but also other aspects of cultural life, and the contribution made by Professor Pascal to German studies in the widest sense.

Table of contents

Siegbert S. Prawer, R. Hinton Thomas and Leonard Forster: Preface
Clair Baier
: Carossa’s Altes Haus beim Bahndamn
W.H. Bruford: The Idea of Bildung' in Friedrich Theodor Vischer’s Auch Einer
Leonard Forster: Thoughts on Tasso’s Last Monologue
Trevor Jones: Some Problems of Bilingual Lexicography
C.P. Magill: Schiller’s 'An die Freude’
Alan Marshall: Lichtenberg’s Satirical Writings
F.P. Pickering: Economies of History. What is Fiction?
Siegbert S. Prawer: Some Recent Language Games
Leslie Seiffert: Approaches to the Contemporary Language. Socio-Linguistic Reflections
Keith Spalding: Some Aspects of Taboo and Up-Grading in Contemporary German
F.J. Stopp: Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum. The Dissemination of a Reformation Slogan, 1522-1904
R. Hinton Thomas: Carl Einstein and Expressionism
H.M. Waidson: Bobrowski’s Levin’s Mühle
P.B. Wiener: Bertha von Suttner and the Political Novel
Elizabeth M. Wilkinson and L.A. Willoughby: ‘The Whole Man' in Schiller’s Theory of Culture and Society. On the Virtue of a Plurality of Models
Wilfried van der Will: Name, Semeion, Energeia. Notes on the Permutations of Language Theories
Kurt Wölfel: Kipling or his Translators? The Question of Brecht’s Acquaintance with Kipling’s Ballads