Codices Boethiani: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland v. 2

A Conspectus of Manuscripts of the Works of Boethius
Volume editor Lesley Smith
1 October 2001
244 × 171 mm
275 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85481-121-2
This is part of a catalogue of all Latin manuscripts of the works of Beothius, including his translations of Aristotle and Porphyry. The six volumes are arranged geographically and are accompanied by a general index, although each volume is also indexed separately. The conspectus includes fragmentary texts, as witnesses of a once-complete version. Each entry includes a short physical description of the manuscript, a complete list of contents, a note of any glosses present, a brief summary of any decoration, the provenance of the manuscript and a select bibliography for each codex. Particular attention is paid to the use of the manuscripts. Since Boethius was an advocate of "artes" teaching, these manuscripts give an insight into who was taught what, where, to what level, and in what way.