Women's Movement in international perspective: Latin America and Beyond

Publication date: 
1 August 2003
Number of pages: 

The essays collected in this volume reflect the remarkable analytical scope and geographical range of their author, engaging fully with the debates over the politics of gender as well as appraising women's movements in widely varying societies. Most chapters deal directly with Latin American issues and experiences, including anarchist feminism in the nineteenth-century Argentina; the politics of gender and those of abortion in Sandinista Nicaragua; the role of the official Cuban women's organisation in the 1990s; and appraisals of the relations between gender, citizenship and state formation in twentieth-century Latin America.

'... the work of an original and candid scholar ... Enlightening and refreshing, this book should be read by anyone concerned with contemporary questions of citizenship and social membership'

Matthew C. Gutman, Brown University

'This is an important book about big concepts - political interests, social activism in authoritarian states, revolution, and democracy'

L. D. Bush, University of Pittsburgh

'... this book definitively distinguishes Molyneux as one of the leading contemporary thinkers in the field'

Sylvia Chant, London School of Economics

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