Wolf Liebeschuetz Reflected (BICS Supplement 91)

Edited by John Drinkwater and Benet Salway
Publication date: 
1 July 2007
Number of pages: 
245 × 175
Wolf Liebeschuetz is one of the most distinguished, creative and best-liked of contemporary Ancient Historians. In his fifty-year career of teaching and publication Wolf, German-born and British-educated, has informed generations of scholars – collaborating, instructing, disputing and commenting on research.In this volume, coinciding with his eightieth birthday, twenty historians and archaeologists who have known Wolf as friends, colleagues and pupils acknowledge and celebrate his influence by presenting papers on topics related to his four monographs: Antioch: City and Imperial Administration in the Later Roman Empire (1972); Continuity and Change in Roman Religion (1980); Barbarians and Bishops (1990); and The Decline and Fall of the Roman City (2001). Four core sections cover: ‘Law and Religion’ (Duncan Cloud, Robert Markus, Karl Leo Noethlichs, John North, Benet Salway); ‘Antioch and the East’ (Hugh Elton, Geoffrey Greatrex, Doug Lee); ‘Barbarians and Bishops’ (Jonathan Barlow, John Drinkwater, Peter Heather, Neil McLynn); ‘The City’ (Simon Corcoran, Nick Henck, Luke Lavan, Andrew Poulter, Charlotte Roueché). The book opens with ‘Modern Historiography’ (Hartmut Leppin, Bryan Ward-Perkins) and closes with an ‘Afterword’ (Averil Cameron).