Understanding ALBA: the Progress, Problems, and Prospects of Alternative Regionalism in Latin America and the Caribbean

Edited by Asa Cusack
Publication date: 
23 November 2017
Number of pages: 
229 x 152
This edited collection is only the second academic publication dedicated solely to Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), the Left Turn regional project founded by Venezuela and Cuba in 2004 and since expanded to Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and much of the Anglophone Caribbean. As ALBA celebrates its first decade, this book offers a considered, critical, and comprehensive account of the project. This work provides insights into all manner of unanswered questions: among others, the roles and involvement of member-states both central and peripheral; the nature of ALBA governance; the sustainability of the project; its effect on domestic politics; and the true nature and extent of specific initiatives. Bringing together scholars from across ideological divides, the book provides a comprehensive analysis of ALBA's successes and failures, evaluating the project's viability and mapping possible future trajectories. The opacity of ALBA and its member-states, and the perplexing lack of research into ALBA despite its significance, makes the contribution of this edited volume a particularly valuable one.
Table of contents: 

1. Introduction: ALBA from dawn to dusk?
Asa K. Cusack
Part I
2. Self-awareness and critique: an overview of ALBA research
Christopher David Absell
3. ALBA and the fourth wave of regionalism in Latin America
Olivier Dabène
Part II
4. A very Latin American social policy: ALBA, counter-hegemonic regionalism, and ‘living well’
Kepa Artaraz
5. The first five years of the SUCRE: successes and limitations of ALBA’s regional virtual currency
Stephanie Pearce
Part III
6. ALBA in Nicaragua: political, economic and development implications
Gloria Carrión
7. Pragmatism left, right, and centre? Revisiting ALBA accession in the Eastern Caribbean
Asa K. Cusack
Part IV
8. Venezuela, ALBA, and the Communal Economic System
Helen Yaffe
9. From magical state to magical region? Ecology, labour and socialism in ALBA
Rowan Lubbock
10. Venezuela in crisis: how sustainable is its support for ALBA?
José Manuel Puente
Part V
11. Progress, problems, and prospects of ALBA’s alternative regionalism
Asa K. Cusack

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