Some Other Amazonians

Edited by Mark Harris and Stephen Nugent
Publication date: 
3 November 2004
Number of pages: 
229 × 152 × 15
Table of contents: 
List of Contributors vii List of Figures ix List of Tables xi Introduction: Some Other Amazonians Stephen Nugent 1 Chapter 1 'The Roca Legacy' Land Use and Kinship Dynamics in Nogueira, an Amazonian Community of the Middle Solimoes Region Deborah de Magalhaes Lima 12 Chapter 2 Black Peoples of the Trombetas River: Peasantry and Ethnicity in the Brazilian Amazon Rosa Elizabeth Acevedo Marin and Edna Maria Ramos de Castro 37 Chapter 3 Social and Economic Change in Amazonia: The Case of Ornamental Fish Collection in the Rio Negro Basin Gregory Prang 57 Chapter 4 Peasants on the Floodplain: Some Elements of the 'Agrarian Question' in Riverine Amazonia Mark Harris 81 Chapter 5 (Some) Other Amazonians: Jewish Communities in the Lower Amazon Stephen Nugent 104 Chapter 6 Malineza (Evil): An Amazonian Concept Raymundo Heraldo Maues 118 Chapter 7 The Peasantry and the Church on the Brazilian Frontier: The Significance of the Alliance and its Repercussions Neide Esterci 128 Chapter 8 Of Rum and the Amazon: The Traditional Sugar-cane Industry and its Demise Scott Douglas Anderson 145 Chapter 9 Regatao and Caboclo: Itinerant Traders and Smallholder Resistance in the Brazilian Amazon David McGrath 178 Bibliography 193

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