Shaping Migration between Europe and Latin America: New Approaches and Challenges

Edited by Ana Margheritis
Publication date: 
1 April 2018
Number of pages: 
229 x 152
This volume focuses on two world regions historically linked by human mobility and cultural exchange but now responding to significant demographic changes and new migration trends. Our goal is to identify a range of viable and creative strategies that state and non-state actors in both Latin America and Europe are using to address the implications of transnational human mobility in the twenty-first century. These strategies include state policies to govern populations as well as a broad array of partnerships between states, international organizations, activist groups, migrant associations, think-tanks, business groups, and religious and other non-governmental organizations. The term “shaping” summarizes here the various forms of formal and informal approaches to collaboration in the management of migration issues. The contributions address the subject from a diversity of disciplinary and methodological perspectives. They illustrate trends and practices at various levels of analysis (e.g., local, national, and regional). They are linked together by an underlying concern with the following question: to what extent is cross-regional migration effectively managed today, and how could bi-regional cooperation at various levels be improved?

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