Right On?

Edited by Iwan Morgan and Philip D. Davies
Publication date: 
28 February 2006
Number of pages: 
229 × 152
Table of contents: 
Introduction:; Right On? Political Change and Continuity in George W. Bush's America; Iwan Morgan 1; 1 President Bush's Second Term Agenda; Godfrey Hodgson 17; 2 Conservatism Resurgent? The Foreign Policy Of the Bush Administration 41; Steven Hurst; 3 President Kerry's Foreign Policy: Continuity and Discontinuity in Contemporary American Foreign Policy; John Dumbrell 59; 4 The Bush Administration and Europe; Klaus Larres 75; 5 The Bush Administration and the Middle East; Robert Singh 92; 6 The Bush Administration and the Budget Deficit; Iwan Morgan 111; 7 American-Style Party Government: Delivering Bush's Agenda, Delivering the Congress's Agenda; John Owens 131; 8 Constitutional Issues, Rights and Supreme Court Appointments; Robert McKeever 161. 9 A New Republican Majority?; Philip Davies 184; 10 Evangelicals and the Politics of Red America; Martin Durham 204; 11 Whither Blue America?; Alex Waddan 219; Bibliography 237.

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