Modus Operandi: Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Rickman (BICS Supplement 71)

Edited by M Austin, J Harries, and C Smith
Publication date: 
10 October 1998
Number of pages: 
A collection of fifteen essays to mark the sixty-fifth birthday of Professor Geoffrey Rickman. The over-riding theme of the various papers is the ways in which fundamental institutions actually worked in antiquity. The book is divided into sections: Administration and law; Economy and society; Warfare; Art and literature. With contributions by: J K Davies, U Hall, M H Crawford, J S Richardson, J D Harries, A Wallace-Hadrill, I Carradice, F Millar, P A Brunt, C J Smith, J C N Coulston, M Whitby, E Moignard, K Dover, R Brock.