Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies: v. 6

Edited by R.W. Hunt, Raymond Klibansky, and Lotte Labowsky
Publication date: 
1 December 1968
Number of pages: 

• Some Commentaries on the De Inventione and Ad Herennium of the Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries - by Mary Dickey (pp. 1-41)

• The Poems of Hildebert of Le Mans: A New Examination of the Canon - by A. B. Scott (pp. 42-83)

• The Origins of the ‘Elements Series’ of the Miracles of the Virgin - by J. C. Jennings (pp. 84-93)

• Geoffrey of Aspall’s Commentaries on Aristotle - by Enya Macrae (pp. 94-134)

• New Light on Thomas Docking O.F.M. - by J. I. Catto (pp. 135-149)

• Autour des uaestiones super Geometriam Euclidis de Nicole Oresme - by V. Zoubov (pp. 150-172)

• An Unknown Treatise by Theodorus Gaza (Bessarion Studies, IV) - by Lotte Labowsky (pp. 173-198)

• An Autograph of Niccolò Perotti in the Biblioteca Marciana (Bessarion Studies, V) - by Lotte Labowsky (pp. 199-205)

• Index of Manuscripts (pp. 207-209)