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Rental Housing in Guadalajara and Puebla
Alan Gilbert and Ann Varley
1 December 1989
Jennifer Montagu
1 April 1989
The devising of an emblem was usually one of the first activities of an Italian academy, and those produced were much used in title-pages, medals, and prints related to the academies. The lack of an index has long proved a stumbling-block for students of emblems, and to those attempting to identify prints or drawings which frequently do not include the name of the academy. This booklet provides an index to the emblems cited by Maylender, with some corrections, and some supplementary material from other sources. It covers both the mottoes and the figures, so that it may be used for identifying preliminary drawings or early unlettered states of prints.
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Symposium Proceedings
Edited by Robert Pichl and etc.
1 December 1987