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Gunter Schweikhart
1 November 1986
Three extant volumes of drawings after the antique together with scattered leaves from yet another sketchbook, by the Bolognese artist, Amico Aspertini, give an unusual opportunity to students of the relations between Renaissance and classical art. One of the volumes dates from the beginning of the century, the other two from the 1530s and later. They make it possible to assess the antiquarian studies of a representative painter of the time in his progress from youth to maturity. They also throw much light on the specific nature of Renaissance use of the legacy of Antiquity.In 1957 Phyllis Fray Bober’s Drawings after the Antique by Amicl Aspertini made available the relevant drawings from the two sketchbooks of Aspertini’s...
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C. Waller and University of London
1 September 1986
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Three German Contributions - Alexis, Fontane, Doblin
Richard Humphrey and University of London
1 January 1986
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Londoner Symposium, 1983
Edited by J. Lachinger and etc.
1 December 1985
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Impact of Economic Change, Unbalanced Development and Authoritarianism on the Local Politics of Northeast Brazil
Scott William Hoefle
1 December 1985