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Essays in Honour of Derek Keene
Edied Matthew Davies and James A. Galloway
28 August 2012
Edied Elizabeth McGrath and Jean Michel Massing
23 July 2012
This volume explores the imagery of slaves and enslavement – white as well as black – in early modern Europe.Long before the abolitionist movement took up the theme, European art abounded in images of slaves – chained, subjected, subdued figures. Often these enslaved figures were meant to be symbolic, for slavery was widely invoked as a metaphor in both religious and secular contexts. The ancient Roman iconography of triumphalism, with its trophies and caryatids, provided a crucial impetus to this imagery, particularly for Renaissance artists who developed their own variations. Here the use of classical models had a peculiar force, since nudity, the attribute of antique heroes and idealized abstractions, was the mark of the Mediterranean...
Edied Jochen Hung and Godela Weiss-Sussex
1 July 2012
The Weimar Republic has received more attention in academic research and popular culture than almost any other period in German history. Nevertheless, its prevailing historical image remains surprisingly simplistic: it is often seen as an era of accelerated cultural progress on the one hand and extreme political unrest, social upheaval and economic crisis on the other, a view epitomized in the ubiquitous image of the ‘dance on the volcano’. This volume aims to move the discussion beyond this limiteddichotomy. The chapters cover a wide range of topics, from Weimar’s legal framework to musical theatre, challenginghitherto accepted views in their respective fields. Despite their thematic range and differences in approach, the contributions...
Edied Rotraud Hansberger, M. Afifi al-Haytham, and Charles Burnett
25 June 2012
CONTENTSPrefaceGalen and al-Rāzī on time / Peter AdamsonThe Ḥikam or aphorisms of al-Ghazālī: some examples / M. Afifi al-AkitiSome Syriac pseudo-platonic curiosities / Sebastian BrockAl-Jāḥiẓ on Aṣḥāb al-Jahālāt and the Jahmiyya / Patricia CroneJawhar and Dhāt in some medieval Arabic philosophers (or, on 'Dhis and Dhat') / Julian FaultlessLe scepticisme et sa réfutation selon al-Malāḥimī / Charles GenequandMediating the medium: the Arabic Plotinus on vision / Rotraud HansbergerShīʹī views of the death of the Prophet Muḥammad / Etan KohlbergNaṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī's exposition of mayl / Y. Tzvi LangermannʻĪsā ibn ʻUmayr's Ibāḍī theology and Donatist Christian thought / Wilferd MadelungThe absurdaties of infinite time: Shahrastānī's critique...
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A Diamond Jubilee Celebration
John Beckett, Elizabeth Williamson, and Matthew Bristow
12 June 2012
Ruth Glynn
7 June 2012
The legacy of Italy's experience of political violence and terrorism in the anni di piombo ('years of lead', c. 1969-83) continues to exercise the Italian imagination to an extraordinary degree. Cinema has played a particularly prominent role in articulating the ongoing impact of the anni di piombo and in defining the ways in which Italians remember and work through the atrocities and traumas of those years. Terrorism, Italian Style brings together some of the most important scholars contributing to the study of cinematic representations of the anni di piombo. Drawing on a comparative approach and a broad range of critical perspectives (including genre theory, family and gender issues, trauma theory and ethics), the book addresses an...
Edied Brian R. Hartley and Brenda M. Dickinson
4 June 2012
Names on Terra Sigillata is the product of 40 years of study, and records over 5,000 names and some 300,000 stamps and signatures on Terra Sigillata (samian ware) manufactured in the first to the third centuries AD in Gaul, the German provinces, and Britain.With volume 9 the series is now complete: the last volume has a comprehensive index to the whole set of 9 volumes.This is the first catalogue of its type to appear since Felix Oswald’s Index of Potters’ Stamps on Terra Sigillata (‘Samian Ware’), published in 1931. The importance of samian as a tool for dating archaeological contexts and the vast increase in samian finds since then has prompted the authors to record the work of the potters in greater detail, illustrating,...
John Beckett, Elizabeth Williamson, and Matthew Bristow
1 June 2012
Her Majesty the Queen has graciously permitted the Victoria County History to rededicate its series of county volumes, in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee. The History keeps the name it was given in honour of Queen Victoria when it was founded in 1899 as one of great national projects of that time. It has remained one of the foundations of knowledge about English localities, publishing a remarkable series of encyclopaedic volumes, county-by-county, parish-by-parish. This book is about the Victoria County History of today: how it developed in its early commercial years through the commitment of its General Editors and a team of experts, before becoming a great public project based at the University of London, and now a...