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An Assessment of Litigation and Regulatory Responses in European Civil-Law Countries
Virginie Rouas
14 January 2022

Achieving Access to Justice in a Business and Human Rights Context explores the interplay between access to justice and business and human rights- a growing area of international human rights law- in European civil-law countries.

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) can contribute to economic prosperity and social development in the countries where they operate. At the same time, their activities may directly or indirectly cause harm to humans and to the environment. However, MNEs are rarely held accountable for their involvement in human rights abuses and environmental damage. In recent years, activists have challenged corporate impunity by introducing innovative claims seeking to hold parent companies directly...

Ala Al-Mahaidi and Léa Gross
21 February 2019

This report is based on a research workshop organised by the Refugee Law Initiative (RLI), School of Advanced Study, University of London, on 20 July 2018 in London to mark 20 years of the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement (Guiding Principles). The event aimed to consolidate and revitalise academic interest in IDP issues and promote renewed research in the field.

The publications outlines the discussions and conclusions of the nine thematic panel sessions at the above-mentioned one-day workshop. It also attempts to...

Edited by James C. Simeon
11 January 2019
The Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) ‘Working Papers’ are a web-based research series focusing on the protection of refugees and other displaced persons in law and practice. They provide a means for the rapid dissemination of preliminary research results and other work in progress. This resource is particularly intended to facilitate initial distribution and discussion of high quality postgraduate research prior to eventual peer-review publication.

Opinions expressed in individual Working Papers are solely those of the author/s, who retain the copyright. They do not represent the views of the RLI, and should not be attributed to it. Any correspondence on individual Working...
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17 July 2018

From 2008–2014, an estimated 184.4 million people were displaced from their homes by environmental factors, and it is very likely that this number is set to rise with increasing climate change concerns. It was in the spirit of fostering research on this important topic that the workshop entitled ‘Environmental Displacement in 2017 – Current Displacement Challenges’ was held at the University of Sheffield in June 2017. The papers in this mini-volume centre around the theme of human movement in the context of environmental factors. Such movement can be either internal or cross-border, and occupies a continuum ranging from voluntary migration to displacement. This volume serves to shine a light on this issue and attempt to address it from...