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Marburger Colloquium, 1969
Edited by Peter Felix Ganz and Werner Schröder
1 December 1972

Das zweite Treffen des 'Anglo-German Seminar on Problems of Middle High German Textual Criticism' fand Oktober 1969 in Hirschegg statt. Als Rahmenthema war 'Probleme mittelhochdeutscher Erzählformen' vorgesehen, ohne daß sich die einzelnen Vortragenden allzu streng dadurch beschränken sollten. Doch zeigte das Programm, daß sich die Interessen der Teilnehmer einigermaßen unabhängig voneinander doch in sehr ähnlicher Richtung bewegten: die Rolle des Erzählers und die Funktion der Ironie im mittelhochdeutschen Roman, Tradition und Entwicklung epischer Kurzformen, historische und ästhetische Probleme der Erzählstruktur bildeten ein reizvolles thematisches Mosaik.

H. B. Nisbet
1 December 1972

It is common knowledge that Goethe's scientific ideas stand outside the main tradition of modern science as it develops from the age of Galileo and Newton down to the present day. It is usually further assumed that most of his wayward but intriguing theories were original to him, the product of his own peculiar way of contemplating nature. This study is written in the conviction that nearly all of Goethe's theories were not arrived at independently, but are the product of traditions which still flourished in the science of his day and have since died out or lost their distinct identity. His original achievement should therefore be sought not so much in his individual scientific ideas - most of which, in any case...

Edited by S.S. Prawer and V.J. Riley
1 January 1970
The second of four catalogues of theses and dissertations in the field of Germanic studies (excluding English) approved for higher degrees in the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland, this volume covers the period between 1962 and 1967.  Of the 156 items now added, no fewer than 59 are concerned wholly or in part with German literature of the twentieth century - only eighteen fewer than the 77 theses and dissertations devoted to the rest of German literature from its beginnings to the end of the nineteenth century. This constitutes a tribute to the fascination exerted by recent German writers and the rich variety of twentieth-century literature whilst giving some indication of the way in which the age is concerned with its...
Festschrift for Roy Pascal
Edited by S.S. Prawer et. al
1 February 1969
Presented to Roy Pascal on the occasion of his 65th birthday, the essays collected in this volume reflect both the Institute of Germanic Studies's concern to investigate not only literature, but also other aspects of cultural life, and the contribution made by Professor Pascal to German studies in the widest sense.
Oxforder Colloquium 1966
Edited by Peter Felix Ganz and Werner Schröder
1 December 1968

Mit dem Oxforder Colloquium vom Herbst 1966 sind das Institute of Germanic Studies der Universität London und das Institut für Ältere Deutsche Philologie der Philipps-Universität zu Marburg erstmalig mit einer gemeinsamen Veranstaltung hervorgetreten. Die Anfänge ihrer Zusammenarbeit lagen schon einige Jahre zurück. Sie nahm ihren Ausgang von der gleichzeitigen intensiven Beschäftigung mit dem Werk Wolframs von Eschenbach in beiden Instituten. Als zweckmäßigster Weg zur Lösung gemeinsamer Probleme empfahl sich ihre Erörterung auf gemeinsamen Arbeitstagungen. Die in diesem Band abgedruckten Beiträge sind eine Auswahl aus dem im Hertford College in Oxford abgehaltene 'Anglo-German Seminar on Problems of Middle...

Edited by Frederick Norman
1 April 1965
This first volume of miscellaneous essays published by the Institute of Germanic Studies showcases fives lectures originally delivered at the Institute together with essays by Ronald Taylor and Idris Parry which were given at the 1963 meeting of the Conference of University Teachers of German in the Universities and University Colleges of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in Bangor.  It was pure chance, though a fortunate one, that three of the essays - those by K.J. Northcott, K.G. Knight and W.E. Yuill  - deal with varieties of the 'fool' or 'folly'. Folly may thus be considered as giving a somewhat spurious cohesion to this collection. 
Edited by K.G. Knight and Frederick Norman
1 December 1964

The centenary in 1962 of the birth of Gerhart Hauptmann was commemorated by the production of many of his plays and an exhibition organized by the Schiller-Nationalmuseum in Marbach. The generosity of the German Embassy made it possible to arrange a similar exhibition at the Institute of Germanic Studies in London, in connection with which the Institute organized a series of lectures by four noted Hauptmann scholars. The essays arising from these lectures are collected in this volume.

Edited by Frederick Norman
1 December 1963

This volume makes available a series of lectures which complemented the Hofmannsthal exhibition mounted in 1961 by the Institute of Germanic Studies in conjunction with the Austrian Institute in London. Dr Hadamowsky, of the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna, who had arranged a similar commemorative exhibition in Salzburg, advised on the project and contributes an introductory essay in which he discusses succinctly and authoritatively the complicated technical aspects which must guide any attempt to arrange a literary exhibition of this type.

Edited by Frederick Norman
1 January 1962
The first of four catalogues of theses and dissertations in the field of Germanic studies (excluding English) approved for higher degrees in the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland, this volume covers the period between 1903 and 1961, and was compiled in response to the marked increase in postgraduate work which occurred at the time. Theses and dissertations are listed alphabetically by author, and the catalogue has a preface and subject index.
Edited by Robert Pick
1 December 1961
This bibliography lists such works of Friedrich Schiller as have appeared in Britain, either in the original or in translation. It includes biographical and critical material published in book form or in periodicals, and references to the poet and his work in English books and journals, as well as notices of performances and broadcasts of his plays. The work of British authors published abroad, or of Commonwealth and foreign authors published in Britain, has also been included, as well as references by foreign authors, even though published abroad, to the reception of Schiller's works in this country. The list is arranged chronologically, and the year-by-year account adopted here may convey some idea of the varying fortunes of...