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Latin in the Culture of Great Britain from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century
Edited by Charles Burnett and Nicholas Mann
1 December 2005
This volume attempts to bring together, to our knowledge for the first time, aspects of the whole of the long history of Latin as written in Great Britain. The papers explore the use of Latin in different contexts at different periods, from the early Middle Ages until the twentieth century. They range over the subjects of philology, philosophy, scholarship, humanism and teaching methods, with separate chapters for Scotland and Wales. This book arose from a conference sponsored by the Fondazione Cassamarca, which also contributed generously to its publication.ContentsMichael Lapidge: How ‘English’ is Pre-Conquest Latin.
Peter Dronke Arbor eterna: A Ninth-Century Welsh Latin Sequence.
Maria Amalia D’Aronco: How ‘English’ is Anglo-Saxon...