Saurelle is an international student from Canada, currently studying a PhD at the Institute of Modern Languages.

Saurelle Toumani - crop

Why did you choose your programme?

My academic career has mainly been focused on French Studies, and I decided to continue my studies at the Institute of Modern Languages Research as it offers cross-disciplinary research specialties in modern languages, including French.

What aspect of the programme have you most enjoyed so far?

I’ve mostly enjoyed online training and events, intended to further enhance students’ research skill development. These research tools allowed me to acquire the knowledge necessary for productive work in a collaborative setting.

What facilities and resources are on offer and have you made use of at the Institute and School of Advanced Study?

For research purposes, I often make use of the Senate House Library which gives me full access to a wide range of databases and digital resources.

What is your experience of the teaching and teaching practices at the Institute?

I’ve had a great experience so far with regards to research supervision at the Institute. My research directors have provided me with effective project management strategies and consistent feedback to optimize the quality of my work within the expected time frame.

How do you think your experience of studying the course will help you in the future?

Conducting research at the Institute of Modern Languages Research will help me gain the required skills for future endeavours, and excellent networking opportunities for which the benefits will last throughout my research career.

Any final thoughts?

Based on my experience, the School of Advanced Study is a great postgraduate institution, especially for students who seek to acquire high-quality research skills and produce innovative scholarly works.