Romane is an international student from Canada, currently studying a PhD at the Institute of Modern Languages.

Romane Toumani - crop

Why did you choose your programme?

My academic background has mainly been oriented in the French program throughout my post-secondary education and I find that the Institute of Modern Languages Research provides the necessary tools to develop my research skills in French Studies.

What aspect of the programme have you most enjoyed so far?

So far, I’ve enjoyed the programme’s webinars, workshops, and online tutorials. I also really appreciate the Institute of Modern Languages Researchbi-weekly meetings as they keep me updated on the institute’s forthcoming events and allow me to share my research status and exchange ideas with my peers.

What facilities and resources are on offer and have you made use of at the Institute and School of Advanced Study?

As a PhD candidate, I get to take advantage of the wide array of collections, archives and digital resources that the Senate House Library has to offer, including those that are not easily accessible elsewhere.

What is your experience of the teaching and teaching practices at the Institute?

Given that I’m studying long-distance, I strongly rely on the guidance of my research directors whose supervisory approach was well adapted to my mode of study. Additionally, their extensive knowledge in my research specialization has significantly contributed in the use of appropriate resources and research strategies.

How do you think your experience of studying the course will help you in the future?

Upon the completion of this programme, I’ll be able to put into practice the skills I’ve acquired to kickstart my research career.

Any final thoughts?

As an international student, I’ve received a warm welcome and tremendous support from the administrative and teaching staff, which facilitated my induction experience into the programme and made me feel part of a unified academic community.