Ejike Ekwueme is a PhD graduate from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies


Ejike Ekueme

Please introduce yourself and provide a short overview of your experiences at the Institute and the School of Advanced Study.  

In a simplistic manner, I am very glad, not to shy away from the fact that I classify myself as a freshly minted doctoral product of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), School of Advanced Study, University of London.  

The Institute’s proximity to the city and academic excellence should not be forgotten in a hurry. The close cooperation between the various Institutes is something to admire and be proud of. In IALS, it is very easy to notice the cooperative attitude of the members of staff and their willingness to assist whenever they are approached. This puts the students at ease and helps them to proceed favourably with their research.                                  


Why did you choose to embark on a PhD at the Institute? 

One of the principal motivating factors that galvanised my intention to study at the Institute is the abundance of expertise that the Institute is noted for in Financial Crime. Perhaps, one needs to point out the fact that the IALS Library is noted to be one of the best in terms of the materials that you will need to carry out your research. It is not an exaggeration to indicate that you stand a very good chance of completing your research without looking beyond the materials you come across at the library.    


What aspect of the course did you most enjoy? 

During my research, I enjoyed the close cooperation that existed amongst the research students. There were also numerous opportunities for you to improve yourself by attending seminars. 


What facilities and resources did you make use of at the Institute and School of Advanced Study? 

The IALS library is arguably the most important arsenal that the institute has. The library is sophisticated in terms of the materials that it has. Additionally, the reception or the coffee bar at IALS provides a soothing atmosphere for you to take your breaks and have fruitful interactions with other students.       


What was your experience of the supervision at the Institute? 

It is not an exaggeration for me to indicate that I had a wonderful supervisory experience in the institute. My supervisor Dr. Richard Alexander was very supportive in all aspects and provided the needed guidance that enabled and motivated me to complete my PhD.   


How do you think your experience of studying the PhD course will help you in the future? 

The PhD will make my options more expansive in the job market. The skills acquired no doubt will be appreciable assets moving forward.   


What would you say to someone who is considering studying this course? 

My word to a potential student would be that the facilities at IALS are world class. IALS is noted to have produced various research documents in this academic sphere that are noted to be globally recognised. The reputational implications of studying this degree from this Institute can never go unnoticed.