If you are considering an application to the School you may find it helpful to discuss access requirements in confidence with our Disability Advisor before applying. 

Application forms and application information can be supplied in alternative formats.

No reductions to fees apply for disabled students.

When an application form is received, an initial assessment is made of whether a student satisfies the academic requirements for the programme. The application form invites a student to say whether there are any access or support needs.  This information is treated as confidential and is retained by the Student Administrator until after the application has been considered on its academic merits.  Disability is not a factor in making the judgement about whether a place should be offered. Neither will a place be withdrawn if on being accepted the School learns of a disability.

The Institutes do not always interview applicants before offering them a place so students may find it helpful to visit the Institute to discuss needs and to decide whether the physical and learning environment is right for them.  If you visit, you will normally meet the Student Administrator and the academic co-ordinator for the relevant programme.

Any student who discloses a disability will also be contacted by our Disability Advisor to ensure that the required level of support can be put in to place.