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Career Development

The SAS Careers Service works with students and graduates of all ages and at all stages of career development across all the institutes. Our mission is to provide high-quality information about careers and skills, and professional advice and guidance. We help students with their career development, either within their current field of work or in something completely new. 

SAS students can access 1-2-1 guidance appointments throughout their studies and for up to 2 years after graduating, to help them plan their next steps, whatever they might be. We also offer CV, cover letter, and application advice as well as mock interviews with the SAS Careers Consultant who will empower you to feel more confident in your interview performance. 

The SAS Careers Service also provides:  

  • A monthly vacancy list, with part-time and full-time job ads, targeted to typical SAS careers interests
  • A repository of careers resources written by qualified careers professionals, and specifically tailored to the needs and interests of SAS students 
  • Career-focused events, workshops and webinars  
  • External careers resources that we recommend or have subscribed to for SAS students

Each year we run a number of career-focused events for SAS students. These include workshops with topics including ‘Writing a Successful PhD application’ and ‘Getting a Post-doc’ as well as panel events featuring speakers from industries that are relevant to SAS students.  

Graduate Destinations

Graduates have gone on to work in a range of successful careers in many different countries. Some continue to further study at PhD level and many of these will go on to become researchers and academics, while others work in national and local government, the media, non-governmental organisations, law firms, financial institutions, publishing houses, inter-governmental agencies, the heritage and culture industry and many more.