The Turing Scheme is the UK Government's new global programme to provide funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world. The Turing Scheme replaces the Erasmus+ programme, which, for many years, supported pupils to travel, learn and study internationally.

The School of Advanced Study, University of London has been awarded funding to support up to 9 students to travel to one of our partnering institutions and work or study abroad.

Projects are for 4 weeks duration a hands-on learning/skills project or a research experience for chosen students.

Please note, this opportunity is open all SAS students, including distance learning students but regrettably not alumni.

Partnering Institutions include:

Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum

This is an opportunity to for one student to gather experience working in a regional museum of literature for 4 weeks.

The student will be able to gain work experience in museum administration and events organisation in the context of German literature and arts.

The Kurt Tucholsky Literature Museum is located in Rheinsberg Castle in Rheinsberg, North Germany. It is dedicated to the life and work of Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935). It also organises events throughout the year, including a writer-in-residence programme, and musical and literary events.

More information about the museum is available here:

This opportunity is open to taught and research students.

Fluency in German is essential.

Start date: June 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

For more information reach out to Professor Godela Weiss Sussex (

Humanities Institute, University College Dublin

Through this one-month scheme in in the Humanities Institute at University College Dublin, students will gain work experience in academic administration and events organisation in the broad field of Humanities. Additionally, if language skills permit, there will be an option to gain teaching experience in the German department of UCD.

The Humanities Institute at UCD focuses on scholarship in the humanities and stimulates new interdisciplinary areas of research of international distinction.

The institute promotes the international visibility and distinctiveness of interdisciplinary research in the humanities at UCD by acting as a laboratory for the study of culture and the human experience. It complements research undertaken within related UCD Schools and research institutes while concurrently providing a neutral space for the delivery of interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research of key societal challenges. The institute acts as a driving force for knowledge creation and transfer within UCD and in the context of the humanities in Ireland and Europe.

For more information about the Humanities Institute at UCD, see here: Humanities Institute || UCD Humanities Institute (HI)

This opportunity is open to taught and research students.

There are no specific language requirements, but priority will be given to students with some knowledge of German.

Start date: March 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

For more information, reach out to Professor Godela Weiss-Sussex (

The Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

This is a great opportunity for two students to gain work experience through placement in Philadelphia for one month. Students will work to enhance and create new Name Authority records in the Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts. This will involve research in Philadelphia archives (e.g. the Rosenbach and/or Temple’s bookseller catalogue collection), together with training in advanced use of the database, provenance history, authority records and linked data.

Learners will have the opportunity to work with unique collections of pre-modern manuscripts and bookseller catalogues in Philadelphia – key resources for book historians. They will learn about sophisticated databases, name authorities, and linked data, building skills in digital humanities. They will expand their networks, with opportunities to work closely with SIMS staff and attend research events. The work they do will be tailored to their research interests and may therefore inform their theses.

By the end of the placement students will:

  • Be familiar with major resources for manuscript studies and provenance history in Philadelphia.
  • Be advanced editors of the Schoenberg Database.
  • Understand the uses of name authority records and linked data for the study of book history.
  • Have expanded their personal research networks.

This partnership builds on our current relationships with colleagues at UPenn. The Cultivate MSS project works in partnership with the Schoenberg Database to improve its content and explore how it can be used to generate new research questions at the frontier of manuscript studies. The proposed partnership draws on the exceptional resources of SIMS and other research collections in Philadelphia. It has the potential to generate knowledge that will be of use to students and staff at both partner institutions, laying foundations for future collaborations around manuscript studies and provenance research. SIMS is used to hosting both international fellows and graduate student interns. This partnership will add significant value and opportunity to both PGT (MA in Book History) and PGR students (training).

This opportunity is open to taught and research students.

There are no specific language requirements, but some understanding of modern languages, such as Latin, Greek, Arabic or Hebrew would be useful.

Start date: April 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

For more information, reach out to Dr Laura Cleaver ( or Professor Clare Lees (

Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales

This is 4 week placement at École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) is an opportunity for two researchers to increase their knowledge in their field and study in an interdisciplinary environment in Paris.

The École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) is a graduate-only research institution that has a unique standing in the world of research and higher education in France. It hosts scholars from all over the world committed to the study of contemporary societies seen within broad cultural and historical contexts. It trains students up to PhD level in all disciplines of the social and human sciences (history, anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, linguistics, psychology, demography, cognitive science, political science, philosophy and mathematics). With its high percentage of international students and faculty, EHESS has created a unique global academic network. With over 1,000 round-table seminars a year, in which faculty and guest scholars present and discuss their current research with students, EHESS occupies a central position in French intellectual life.

This opportunity is open to research students.

Fluency in French is essential.

Start date: April 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

For more information, reach out to Dr Madisson Brown, (

University of Innsbruck

At the University of Innsbruck, Students will be able to take part in block programmes of postgraduate training, including (where appropriate) doctoral workshops. They will be taught or mentored by experts in their field; they will be acquainted with and profit from different perspectives on their work, arising from the international dimension of the placement.

Students will gain new perspectives on their fields of enquiry, both through taking part in formal teaching arrangements and through informal exchanges. They will expand their abilities to discuss their work in an international and multilingual context.

The academic programme on offer includes a limited range of English-language options. Innsbruck University houses one of the leading research units on Migration Studies. The institution has an interdisciplinary focus; it also provides a wide range of opportunities to take part in courses within German & Austrian Studies.

This opportunity is open to taught and research students.

No specific language requirements. For certain programmes, fluency in German will be necessary.

Start date: May 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

For more information contact: Professor Godela Weiss Sussex (

University of Padua

This is an opportunity for 2 students to benefit from a large range of modules related to human rights concerns. PhD students can also benefit from a range of supervisory expertise. These will depend on the modules taken but all options are of a high standard and internationally excellent.

SAS has worked with Padua Human Rights Centre since 2015. We have collaborated on numerous successful international conferences and workshops and journal publications.

This opportunity is open to taught and research students.

No language requirements

Start date: April 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

For more information, reach out to Professor Damien Short

Museo delle Civiltà

This is an opportunity for one student to gain experience working in Rome’s Museum of Civilizations. The Museum recently acquired a part of the collection of the former Colonial Museum, founded in the 1920s. The collection, that is at present housed in the Museum’s storerooms, is currently in the process of being catalogued. It is the intention of the Museum of Civilizations that, in the next few years, the collection will be made available for public viewing. The material will be reorganized according to decolonial criteria that provide a radical critique of the Colonial Museum of which it was originally part. The student will gain experience of the cataloguing process and the general working of the Museum.

More information about the Museo della Civiltà is available here:

This opportunity is open to taught and research students.

Fluency in Italian is desirable.

Start date: May 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

For more information, reach out to: Professor Charles Burdett (

Ada Lovelace Center for Digital Humanities (ADA)

Students will gain hands-on learning, exploration, and experimentation in cutting edge methods in digital humanities with an emphasis of literary, textual and archival studies by working in an interdisciplinary group of digital and literary researchers within a major literary archive.

German language skills would be helpful but not essential.

Start date: May 2023

Duration 4 weeks

For more information contact Christopher Ohge at (

How to Apply

You may apply for up to two projects, though you will need to apply to each position separately and indicate your first and second choice. To apply for any these opportunities, please email your CV and the application form to

The deadline for applications is Friday 15 December 2022 at 12.00pm.

You can find the application form here.