If failure forms an essential part of scholarly practice, what comes after failure? How can national organisations encourage failing productively? Are there alternative approaches to research, such as ‘slow scholarship’ or ‘failure as methodology’, that can be integrated into our own research methods?


  • Lisa Goddard (University of Victoria )
  • Scott B. Weingart (Independent Scholar)
  • David Stevenson (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh)
  • Joris van Zundert (Huygens - KNAW)
  • Michael Donnay (School of Advanced Study) - Co-Chair
  • Anna-Maria Sichani (School of Advanced Study) - Co-Chair

Seminar Overview

Most of us recognise that failure is an unavoidable part of any scholarly endeavour - let alone life - especially for people who work across disciplines. Yet, for something so central to our experience, it often sits at the periphery of our writing, training, and professional discourse. This seminar series explores how we can reframe failure within the digital humanities: the ways we can learn from it, talk about it, and hopefully reconsider our collective relationship to it.

Conceived as a series of conversations, Reframing Failure presents an opportunity to reflect on practice. It welcomes those from within and outside the digital humanities and takes an international and interdisciplinary approach to failure.