Modern Languages and Inclusivity: Sharing Ideas and Practices - Session 2

Session Two: Schools
(Chair: Joe Dale (Independent modern foreign languages & technology consultant))
Lisa Panford (St Mary’s University): 'ALL SIG: Working Together to Mobilise Advancements in Decolonising the Secondary MFL Curriculum'
Charlotte Ryland (Oxford University) and Stacie Allan (Stephen Spender Trust): ‘Creative Translation for Inclusion: Stephen Spender Trust & Translation Exchange Programmes in Secondary Schools’
Gitanjali Patel (Shadow Heroes/University of Birmingham): 'Translation as a Critical Pedagogy: Rethinking Inclusivity within Secondary Language Education'
Lucy Jenkins (Cardiff University): ‘International Languages in Secondary Schools in Wales: Why Don’t Learners Choose Languages and How Can Mentoring Provoke Change?’


Author: Institute of Languages, Cultures & Societies

Organisations: Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Event date: Friday, 13 May 2022 - 1:30pm

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