Aimed at researchers, humanities advocates and those working in and around academic publishing and scholarly communications, this event has been designed to inspire debate about different aspects of academic humanities publishing. This event is jointly organised by the University of London Press and the School of Advanced Study, the UK's national centre for the support and promotion of academic research in the humanities.  

Paula Kennedy (Head of Publishing at the University of London Press) will present the newly rebranded Press, provide a brief overview of its future plans, and emphasize the importance of collaboration in shaping the future of humanities publishing in a fast-changing landscape. Following this introduction, a panel discussion of five distinguished speakers will each speak for 5-10 minutes to explore some of the key topics we believe will be important in shaping the future of humanities publishing:  

Open Access: Dr Frances Pinter (Executive Chair, CEU Press) will traverse the rocky landscape of Open Access publishing for books in the humanities. Introducing innovative OA funding models, she will look at opportunities and challenges both here and abroad. 

Publishing Innovation: Professor Jane Winters (Director of the Digital Humanities Research Hub, School of Advanced Study) will explore the exciting realm of publishing innovation, including emerging trends and new technologies and covering some of the possibilities that lie ahead, which may revolutionize the way we publish and consume humanities research. 

Humanities Research Culture: Dr Steven Hill (Director of Research, Research England) will focus on publishing’s relationship with humanities research culture in institutions, giving valuable insights into the importance of research assessment cultures and publishing and open access requirements in the next REF.  

The Role of Learned Societies in Publishing: Join Professor Emma Griffin (President of the Royal Historical Society) as she illuminates the pivotal role of learned societies in the publishing landscape. Learn how these societies shape discourse and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge within the humanities. 

The GLAM Sector in Research: Dr Scott Anthony (Deputy Head of Research and Public History at the Science Museum) will explore the important role of museum-led research and publishing. He will talk about the invaluable work, resources and collaborative opportunities these institutions offer to further humanities scholarship.