ILPC Workshop Algorithmic Discrimination and Decolonisation: Regulation and Design

Video date

Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Video speaker(s)

Prof. Dr. J.H. (Janneke) Gerards Professor of Law, Economics, and Governance School of Law Utrecht University

Dr Raphaële Xenidis, Lecturer in Law, University of Edinburgh

Dr Rachel Adams Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa

Professor Rafael A. Calvo Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London


This interdisciplinary and international panel of experts from law and the humanities and the field of STEM will examine and discuss a major EU report recently published on Algorithmic Discrimination in Europe and how its key findings speak to the concept of decolonisation. Critical themes and cutting-edge issues of public interest explored will include: the implications of AI-based systems on human rights and society more broadly; whether the current legal regimes to ensure against unfair discrimination are fit for purpose; the EU’s proposed regulatory framework on AI; the critical discourse to date on the decolonisation of AI; and what frameworks and strategies may be applied in order to adequately and effectively address the problem of algorithmic discrimination.

Chair:   Dr Nóra Ní Loideain, Director and Lecturer in Law, Information Law & Policy Centre Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London              

Tags: Information Law & Policy Centre: Workshop

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