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Lovina Otudor

Lovina Otudor completed her PhD graduate from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. She also completed her master’s at the institute, after working in Ministry of Justice, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Please introduce yourself and provide a short overview of your experiences at the Institute and the School of Advanced Study.

I am a lawyer by profession, called to the Nigerian Bar 18 years ago. I worked in the Ministry of Justice, Cross River State, Nigeria before proceeding to the Institute where I obtained a masters’ degree. I took a break after my masters for a year and returned to the Institute for my doctoral research. My expertise is on Financial Regulation. Apart from being a feminist, I am a strong advocate of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and this is reflected in my research. The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) stands tall in terms of legal research and having passed through the Institute, I remain a proud and grateful alumni of School of Advanced Study.

What aspect of the course did you enjoy most?

Not only is the Institute located in a vibrant area of central London, but the serene environment was second to none. Amid interacting in a global classroom, we still had the ambience of the shopping malls, museums, restaurants, cinemas and arts galleries within our reach, there was a time for everything.   With one of the largest law libraries in Europe, the institute provided an environment that made legal research seamless I also enjoyed the legal research trainings and support from supervisors and staff - not forgetting the memorable moments in the cafeteria.

What facilities and resources did you make use of at the Institute and School of Advanced Study?

The library was great as I spent so much time there, the books were up to date and suggestions from students on books needed was always dealt with. There was also funding for student to attend conferences and to host programmes.

What was your experience of the supervision at the Institute?

I had great Supervisors Professor Chizu Nakajima and Professor Stuart Bazley, and a postgraduate research director Dr Colin King who ensured I was never alone. Their insight, support and willingness to help motivated me through my research journey.

How do you think your experience of studying the PhD course will help you in the future?

The opportunities are limitless, and the knowledge gain has been an added value as I think more critically. It has opened opportunities which are widespread.

What would you say to someone who is considering studying this course?

IALS is a place to be, legal research and supervision is at its best. It's better experienced than explained. A PhD is worth the trouble, the fulfilment is intrinsic.