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Emily Bonnell

Emily is a graduate of the MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights, who previously studied Holocaust and Genocide studies.

Why did you choose your programme?

In my first Master's program, I studied Holocaust and Genocide studies and really enjoyed learning about the human rights law elements. I have always been keenly interested in human rights, especially in relation to war and conflict, so I researched MA programs in human rights and SAS was one of the top recommended schools.

What aspect of the programme have you most enjoyed so far?

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work as a group on case studies and other assignments with input from my professors. Working with academics who have hands-on experience in the field has been extremely rewarding and beneficial for establishing connections. Although my schooling has been online, each professor has been very flexible and helpful.

What facilities and resources are on offer and have you made use of at the Institute and School of Advanced Study?

Although I have not yet been able to travel to study on campus at SAS, I am consistently informed via email (and in lecture) about the numerous resources available to students, including writing workshops, lectures and seminars on key topics for improving writing and research skills, student virtual events, socials, and more. There are an abundance of opportunities and resources available to students.

What is your experience of the teaching and teaching practices at the Institute?

Each professor is extremely involved, patient, and approachable. The reading materials and structure of lectures has been straightforward, relevant, and easy to access. I truly enjoy working with professors that have the experience that they do – it is so interesting to learn about their work, and to learn how the material in the program can be applied in real life situations.

How do you think your experience of studying the course will help you in the future?

Many of the modules in the program are practical and offer important and necessary skills for starting a career in the human rights field. I believe that the opportunity to network with professionals in human rights can be very beneficial to those that seek to make potential connections.

Any final thoughts?

The School of Advanced Study has been a wonderful school to be a part of, and I would highly recommend the program to individuals interested in human rights.