Mapping the Arts and Humanities seeks to uncover hidden research infrastructure in the UK and create new opportunities for increased visibility, infrastructure development and research collaboration across the country.

The project will identify and trace the connections between the many institutes, centres, hubs, research clusters, networks, and professional, learned and scholarly societies that form the UK’s vital arts and humanities research infrastructure. Much of this infrastructure is currently difficult to discover, which means it is effectively invisible to funders, policymakers and to researchers themselves. There is a pressing need to identify this complex research eco-system and to highlight the connections between the organisations, institutions and networks that provide such key support for the arts and humanities.

Mapping the Arts and Humanities will capture the diversity of this critical infrastructure and build a more holistic understanding of the shape of the arts and humanities in the UK. The project will produce an intuitive, interactive map that will allow users to find and connect with research activity more easily, and boost visibility for research centres and networks across the country.

The project is commissioned by Research England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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