Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Study

The Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Study aims to enhance the visibility of research institutes in the UK, Ireland and abroad.

The Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Study (CIAS) comprises 23 research institutes based within universities in Great Britain and Ireland. 

CIAS and its member institutes take an active role in promoting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research at doctoral level and beyond, and offer an organisational structure and programme to foster these aims. It acts as a network across Institutes of Advanced Study in the UK, sharing best practice, running workshops and conferences, and operating a pairing scheme for Directors and professional staff supporting Institutes. 

Aims and remit

Building Capacity

CIAS promotes disciplinary innovation and builds research capacity across disciplinary boundaries, while encouraging creative collaborative activities of a multi-, inter-, or post-disciplinary kind. It shares resources and expertise, and organises conferences, seminars and workshops across the group.

Fostering Collaboration

CIAS takes a lead on collaboration between humanities, social and natural sciences including medicine and technology. It develops proposals for collaborative projects within and between Institutes, and facilitates collaboration in relation to visiting fellows, seminars, conferences, and shared capacity building, including hosting a pairing scheme to support those running UK-based Institutes of Advanced Study.

Shaping Policy

CIAS acts as a national reference group in development of future policy and works jointly to ensure effective networking and lobbying on shared matters of concern. It boosts the national and international visibility of the best current research in UK and Irish Higher Education Institutions.

Members and affiliates


CIAS is affiliated to CHCI (the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes).  Established in 1988, CHCI serves as a site for the discussion of issues germane to the fostering of crossdisciplinary activity and as a network for the circulation of information and the sharing of resources within the humanities and interpretive social sciences. CHCI has a membership of over 150 centers and institutes that are remarkably diverse in size and scope and are located throughout the world.


CIAS is administered from the School of Advanced Study:

Helen Golding
School of Advanced Study
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

T: 0207 862 8651