Speaker: Martha Fleming (Natural History Museum, Copenhagen)

Martha Fleming will discuss the aims, research methods, and preliminary findings of the project for which she is the Principal Investigator, 'Field/Work in the Archive: Herbaria as Sites of Cultural Exchange'. The project investigates the global cultural historical value of elements of the dried plant collection of 'Herbarium C' -- the Danish national herbarium held at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.  Significant elements of the collection are colonial in nature, and the project thus aims to conjoin history of science, history of collections, collections-based research, and global and colonial histories.

Martha Fleming is a museologist, an historian of collections, and an historian of science with a particular focus on natural historical and correlative scientific collections and archives. Her current research investigates the creation and management of natural history collections as significant forms of knowledge producing practices embedded in globalised colonial contexts. She was instrumental in the creation of the Centre for Arts and Humanities Research at London’s Natural History Museum (2009-2011), a research centre that has served as a model internationally for the productive integration of the methods and rigour of humanities and social science disciplines into life science research contexts.

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Field work in the archive