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Mapping the Arts and Humanities

Uncovering and connecting hidden arts and humanities research infrastructure in the UK.

Mapping the Arts and Humanities larger poster

Mapping the Arts and Humanities reveals the UK’s diverse arts and humanities research infrastructure, and highlights the connections between the organisations, institutions and networks that provide such key support for the arts and humanities.

The interactive online resource allows users to find and connect with research activity more easily, and boosts visibility for research centres and networks across the country. 

The key functionalities of the website are as follows:

  • Search for infrastructure: You can use a keyword search to find information about research infrastructure in the UK, and filter your results by subject, university affiliation and location.
  • Browse a map of UK infrastructure: This map will allow you to see how research infrastructure are spread across the UK. You will be able to zoom into different areas and find infrastructure by street address.
  • Get data insights: By navigating to the project dashboard, you will see at-a-glance visualisations of the data set. 
  • Download our API: You can download the data though our API, which will enable large scale analysis of the data.

The Mapping the Arts and Humanities Project is based in the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, and was commissioned by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and Research England.  

Find out more

For more information and to get involved, head over to the Mapping the Arts and Humanities website.