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Championing the Humanities

We make the case for a rich and diverse arts and humanities research infrastructure, celebrate the achievements of UK research initiatives, and amplify the voices of researchers across the country.

As a national centre for the promotion and facilitation of humanities research in the UK, we use our platform and resources to celebrate the arts and humanities and advocate for their value and impact in our society.

Celebrating our impact

UK researchers in the arts and humanities have made an extraordinary contribution to society across a variety of sectors, including healthcare and wellbeing, community and placemaking, industry and economy, social justice and the environment.

The School of Advanced Study, in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the British Academy and several other universities and cultural institutions across the country, is celebrating these projects and shining a spotlight on the vital difference they have made to communities and individuals across the UK. 

Arts, Humanities & Health

Arts, Humanities & Health: Researchers in the arts and humanities are having an extraordinary impact on health & wellbeing in the UK.

Leading the conversation

Through our ambitious events programme and global networks and collaborations, we shape the key discussions taking place in the arts and humanities sector today.

We bring together voices from across our subject communities, as well as influential figures in business, policy and public life, to tackle the big questions, from the future of the humanities, to the relationship between research and policy, and the implications of new challenges such as Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change.

How the humanities benefit our places and communities

How the humanities benefit our places and communities: We brought together researchers from across the UK to explore the profound impact of research on places and communities.

Making the case

We make the case for the vital importance of the humanities, and its contributions to our society, economy and culture.

In the latest edition of WC1E, the University of London’s digital magazine, Professor Jo Fox calls for a more ambitious and optimistic approach to  discussions about the future of the humanities. Rejecting the ‘narrative of crisis’, Professor Fox points to the real impact of humanities education and research.

The humanities continue to play a critical role in our children’s education and in fostering their imagination. They bring communities together in local projects. They are at the centre of contemporary debates over social justice, identities, and a fair society. The humanities are all around us and woven into the fabric of the everyday.

So rather than becoming mired in pessimistic and unproductive debates over our future, let’s channel our energies into pursuing new knowledge that will make a real difference and celebrating the humanities confidently and proudly.

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