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Our National Role

We play a unique role in championing the arts and humanities in the UK, and equipping researchers to navigate and contribute to the UK’s research and innovation landscape.

Through an ambitious programme of research promotion and facilitation, we provide leadership and support to subject communities across the UK, provide training and resources for researchers of all career levels, connect researchers and practitioners across disciplines and sectors, and advocate for the humanities and its importance to our society.

Research Promotion

We are at the forefront of research promotion and public engagement in the UK. We provide the resources and platforms for researchers to share the benefits of their research, and advocate for the value of the arts and humanities to policymakers, communities and individuals.

Research Facilitation

Through our internationally-renowned institutes and centres, we train the next generation of humanities researchers, devise innovative methods for new discoveries, connect humanities researchers and practitioners across disciplines and sectors, and provide unique humanities research infrastructure to create new knowledge and new formats for collaboration.

National Initiatives

We lead on a number of key strategic initiatives with national impact. 

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