The Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) is the only academic centre in the UK to concentrate specifically on international refugee law. As a national focal point for leading and promoting research in this field, the Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) works to integrate the shared interests of refugee law scholars and practitioners, stimulate collaboration between academics and non-academics, and achieve policy impact at the national and international level.

The RLI has a number of academic, teaching and support staff and regularly hosts Visiting Fellows from other institutions. The RLI also facilitates networks of Senior Research Associates and Research Affiliates that include many of the leading thinkers on refugee law and forced migration. These networks are integral to the work of the RLI and allow for collaboration across a range of disciplines. 

The RLI also hosts the Internal Displacement Research Programme (IDRP) which facilitates networks of IDRP Research Affiliates and IDRP Senior Research Associates. This specialised programme carries out a similar range of research and policy activities specifically in relation to internal displacement. 

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