Warburg Institute

Edited by Walter Friedlaender and Anthony Blunt
December 1, 1974
Edited by Michael Crawford
January 1, 1994
Contains papers from a colloquium held at the Warburg Institute in May, 1990. Its theme was the study of antiquity in the middle of the 16th century, and the decisive impact on that study, first of a group of humanist lawyers around Antonio Agustin, and then of the gathering force of Church Reform.
Edited by Charles Burnett and Jill Kraye and volume editor Tim Cornell and Oswyn Murray
July 30, 2014
In 2008-2009 a group of Arnaldo Momigliano’s disciples met at the Warburg Institute to celebrate the centenary of his birth and to recall the great series of seminars held by him from 1967 to 1983: the aim was to explore the significance of his legacy some twenty years after his death, in all the various areas where he made a major contribution. His seminars had opened the eyes of the participants to the meaning of historical research in their different fields, from ancient Jewish, Greek and Roman history and late antiquity to the study of the historiography especially of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The contributors to this volume have all asked how far his influence still determines the future of our various special areas. By...
Edited by Jill Kraye and Paolo Sachet
June 26, 2018
This volume presents six papers from a one-day colloquium held at the Warburg Institute in February 2015 on the legacy of Aldus Manutius, marking the 500th anniversary of his death, together with three additional contributions. Rather than examining Aldus’s own output, the nine papers focus on how the notion of ‘Aldine books’ has changed over 500 years in Europe and North America, from the early days of the Aldine press to modern and contemporary book collecting and the antiquarian trade. The volume also includes a catalogue of the exhibition ‘Collecting the Renaissance: The Aldine Press (1494–1598)’, held in the British Library in conjunction with the colloquium. Addressing a wide readership of scholars, booksellers and...
Edited by Gertrud Bing
December 31, 1998
This essay, first published in 1957 in Fritz Saxl, 1890-1948. A Volume of Memorial Essays from his Friends in England, edited by D.J. Gordon, is reprinted in conjunction with the conference held in November 1998 to mark the 50th anniversary year of Saxl's death.
Volume editor Kathleen W. Christian, Clare E. L. Guest, and Claudia Wedepohl
July 30, 2014
This interdisciplinary collection of essays considers the identity of the Muses in Antiquity and through centuries of their afterlife, tracing their religious, educational and philosophical meaning in classical Greece and their subsequent transformation and re-interpretation in a range of post-classical contexts. Individual contributors consider the invocation of the Muses in different places and at different times by those in search of inspiration, immortality and fame. The volume addresses the concept of the Muses from the perspective of philology, philosophy, art history, antiquarianism and musicology, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and Early Modern period. It concludes with a discussion of the place of the Muses in Aby...
Edited by Michael Crawford and C.R. Ligota
November 1, 1995
ContentsINTRODUCTION by M. H. CRAWFORDT. J. CORNELL: Ancient History and the Antiquarian Revisited: Some Thoughts on Reading Momigliano's Classical Foundations ..... 1ANTHONY GRAFTON: Tradition and Technique in Historical Chronology ..... 15JEAN– LOUIS FERRARY: Naissance d'un aspect de la recherche antiquaire. Les premiers travaux sur les lois romaines: de l'Epistula ad Cornelium de Filelfo à l'Historia iuris ciuilis d'Aymar du Rivail ..... 33A. C. DIONISOTTI: Claude De Seyssel ..... 73C. R. LIGOTA: From Philology to History: Ancient Historiography between Humanism and Enlightenment ..... 105CHRISTIANE KUNST: William Camden's Britannia: History and Historiography ..... 117L. CAPOGROSSI COLOGNESI: Legal...
Edited by Maria Pia Donato and Jill Kraye
March 1, 2010
Traditionally thought of as the home of the Counter-Reformation papacy and of the Inquisition, Rome has never been regarded as a major scientific centre. Yet the new research presented here, much of it based on previously unstudied archival material, highlights the special character of science and medicine in the city and its institutions: academies (above all, the famous Accademia dei Lincei), hospitals, libraries, monasteries, universities and courts, as well as the papal Curia and the Congregation of the Index. The approach is thoroughly interdisciplinary, ranging over many disciplines - engineering, architecture, chemistry, botany, mathematics, astronomy and geography - and covering a diversity of topics, from atlases and anatomical...
Edited by Charles Burnett and Pedro Mantas-España
March 1, 2016
Ex Oriente lux - - the Sun rises in the East and pours its light over the world; and the result, in Latin usage, is ‘lumen’ - - the luminescence that the whole area lit by the lux is suffused with. Most of the papers in this volume were first presented at the conference ‘Ex Oriente lux: The Transfer of Scientific Knowledge from the Near East to Europe’, held at the University of Córdoba in 2015 and organised jointly by the Córdoba Near Eastern Research Unit (CNERU) and the Centre for the History of Arabic Studies in Europe (CHASE) at the Warburg Institute. Both centres are devoted to showing how Europe was ‘lit up’ from the Orient (Ex Oriente lux), and the conference was the first of a series devoted to the interests and...
Edited by R.W. Hunt, Raymond Klibansky, and Lotte Labowsky
December 1, 1968
• Some Commentaries on the De Inventione and Ad Herennium of the Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries - by Mary Dickey (pp. 1-41) • The Poems of Hildebert of Le Mans: A New Examination of the Canon - by A. B. Scott (pp. 42-83) • The Origins of the ‘Elements Series’ of the Miracles of the Virgin - by J. C. Jennings (pp. 84-93) • Geoffrey of Aspall’s Commentaries on Aristotle - by Enya Macrae (pp. 94-134) • New Light on Thomas Docking O.F.M. - by J. I. Catto (pp. 135-149) • Autour des Quaestiones super Geometriam Euclidis de Nicole Oresme - by V. Zoubov (pp. 150-172) • An Unknown Treatise by Theodorus Gaza (Bessarion Studies, IV) - by Lotte Labowsky (pp. 173-198) • An Autograph of Niccolò Perotti in the Biblioteca Marciana (Bessarion...