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Edited by J.A. Burgess and et al
December 31, 1997
Dame Stephanie Shirley
October 1, 2015
The third Martin Miller and Hannah Norbert-Miller Memorial Lecture
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Ian Kershaw
May 1, 1992
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S. Loeffler
October 20, 2003
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Edited by Heide Kunzelmann
May 16, 2016
Katharina Volckmer
July 1, 2016
Society and its Outsiders in the Novels of Jakob Wassermann takes a fresh look at Wassermann’s depiction of society and its mechanisms of exclusion, specifically those affecting the Jew, the woman, the child and the homosexual man. Wassermann’s extensive oeuvre has not, until now, been considered as an attempt to portray German society at different historical stages, from the Biedermeier to the end of the Weimar Republic. At the same time, this analysis shows how Wassermann’s interest in outsider figures is intertwined with an interest in narrative technique and discusses how his perception of the world affects his depiction of character.
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Edited by John L. Flood
July 1, 1985
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May 1, 1995
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Herman Lubbe
December 1, 1981
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G. Templeman
December 31, 1977