Institute of Modern Languages Research

Seiriol Dafydd
April 30, 2015
This book investigates a specific aspect of travel literature – the fictional travel novel – and one practitioner of that sub-genre – the contemporary German author Michael Roes (b. 1960). The analysis focuses on two main areas of research. The first concerns Roes’s representation of intercultural encounters: how does Roes conceive and present an encounter between representatives of different cultures? And what constitutes a successful encounter, if such a thing exists? The second area of interest in this study concerns Roes’s intertextual methodology. This study identifies those intertextual references that are of greatest significance and examines how and why Roes refers to other writers and their texts as he composes his own....
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Carl Lofmark and University of London
January 1, 1981
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Edited by Elizabeth M. Wilkinson
March 1, 1984
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Naomi Segal and University of London
October 1, 1981
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Frederick Norman
December 1, 1973
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Edited by Anja Hill-Zenk and Karin Sousa
February 10, 2005
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Edited by S. S. Prawer
January 1, 1970
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Barbara Saunders and University of London
September 2, 1985
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Volume editor C.V. Bock
October 1, 1980
Marissa Munderloh
July 16, 2017
German hip-hop culture is best known for its rap music and rappers’ portrayal of their life in Germany’s urban centres. Not many studies have looked at German hip-hop’s other main art forms, such as graffiti art, dance and music, in conjunction with rap, or considered their joint contribution to the creation and development of German popular culture and contemporary identity. This book breaks new ground by offering a comparative analysis of rappers, DJs, dancers, graffiti artists and their practices in the German cities of Hamburg and Oldenburg. In so doing, it reveals a variety of individual narratives on what it means to be German and to understand how German identities are managed and expressed through hip-hop’s different...