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Edited by Frederick Norman
December 1, 1960
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Edited by Michael Minden, Martin Swales, and Godela Weiss-Sussex
April 28, 2006
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Edited by Gordon Burgess
June 1, 1998
Marissa Munderloh
July 16, 2017
German hip-hop culture is best known for its rap music and rappers’ portrayal of their life in Germany’s urban centres. Not many studies have looked at German hip-hop’s other main art forms, such as graffiti art, dance and music, in conjunction with rap, or considered their joint contribution to the creation and development of German popular culture and contemporary identity. This book breaks new ground by offering a comparative analysis of rappers, DJs, dancers, graffiti artists and their practices in the German cities of Hamburg and Oldenburg. In so doing, it reveals a variety of individual narratives on what it means to be German and to understand how German identities are managed and expressed through hip-hop’s different...