Institute of Latin American Studies

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Ricardo Cicerchia
March 1, 1998
Edited by Rebecca Earle
October 10, 2000
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Christopher Abel
October 1, 1994
Edited by Iwan Morgan and Philip D. Davies
February 28, 2006
David Brighty, Andrew Palmer, Philip McLean, and David Ridgway
September 15, 2004
Madeleine Davis
November 30, 2000
Leslie Bethell
May 31, 2018
Leslie Bethell is the most respected scholar of Brazil of his generation. This has been recognized in Brazil by being made a corresponding fellow of both the Brazilian Academy of Letters and of Sciences. Perhaps best known for his book The Abolition of the Brazilian Slave Trade (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1970), Leslie Bethell’s scholarship has ranged widely not least in his editorship of the 12-volume Cambridge History of Latin America (1984-2008). In recent years he has continued to research the modern history of Brazil, much of which he has presented in invited lectures and Brazilian journals and remained unpublished in English until now.  In 2010 he presented a provocative paper in the Journal of Latin...
Edited by Pilar Domingo and Rachel Sieder
September 1, 2001
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George D.E. Philip
December 1, 1984
Edited by John Maher
February 28, 2006