Institute of Latin American Studies

Edited by Austen Ivereigh
May 26, 2010
The nineteenth century saw a lengthy and unusually intense conflict between religion and national politics over public space. The disputes inevitably coloured the politics of the nineteenth century, and defined to a large extent the boundaries of political division. But why were they so ferocious? And what were the battles really about? Is it true that society and state became less religious? Who spoke for the people? What effect did the liberal-Catholic conflict have on the transition to democracy? Using case-studies of nations in both Europe and Latin America the contributors to this unusual comparative volume attempt to answer these and other questions from a revisionist and empirical viewpoint incorporating the latest research and...
Edited by Eduardo Posada-Carbo
August 1, 1995
Madeleine Davis
November 30, 2000
Edited by Nicolás Rodríguez Serna and David James Cantor
July 30, 2016
Charles A. Jones
August 30, 2007
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Salvador Marti Puig and Salvador Marti i Puig
January 8, 2001
Edited by Guy Thomson
January 10, 2002
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Colin M. Lewis
December 1, 1991
Edited by Ana Margheritis
April 1, 2018
This volume focuses on two world regions historically linked by human mobility and cultural exchange but now responding to significant demographic changes and new migration trends. Our goal is to identify a range of viable and creative strategies that state and non-state actors in both Latin America and Europe are using to address the implications of transnational human mobility in the twenty-first century. These strategies include state policies to govern populations as well as a broad array of partnerships between states, international organizations, activist groups, migrant associations, think-tanks, business groups, and religious and other non-governmental organizations. The term “shaping” summarizes here the various forms of...